Felicia Fuster Foundation

The Foundation is a private, non-profit organization created by the poet and artist Felicia Fuster, with the participation of personalities from the world of literature and art of our country. The Foundation is structured in different areas: introducing the poetry and art of the author, awarding young artists’ projects, and spreading Catalan language abroad. The Foundation also provides scholarships for people without financial means.

The Foundation

The Foundation aims to promote artistic creation and to preserve and disseminate the work by Felicia Fuster

fundacioThe Foundation is a space of 120 m2, located near Plaza Molina, Carrer Camps i Fabrés, 3-11, Barcelona. In this space there are about 500 works by Felícia Fuster, including paintings, prints, objects, glass, sculpture, etc. Some of them have been shown in monographic exhibitions. The Foundation also houses manuscripts, artist books and editions of his literary work. In this location there’s also an installation entitled Levitat by the catalan artist Pepa Armenté.

The Foundation organizes guided tours for schools and colleges or for groups of interested people.

The Foundation is open from Tuesday to Friday, 4 to 7:30 PM.


Following Fuster’s slogan the Foundation proposes doing things seriously, being humble and always thinking about everything that can be improved, seeking the following goals:

1. Promoting young artists’ projects, particularly focusing in painting, sculpture and printmaking.
2. Helping to PhD level or advanced university scholars specialised in both Catalan linguistics and literature and who live abroad from Spain.
3. Providing sholarships for young students from the Fondation Apprentis d’Auteil in Paris.

To fulfil these goals the Foundation awards grants and scholarships each year, according to the requirements set by the Foundation itself. Each call for grants is advertised on the Foundation’s website and FB.

Another Foundation’s aim is to promote Felicia Fuster’s work.

The Foundation has set the following objectives: to collect, preserve, manage, display and disseminate the literary and artistic work by Felícia Fuster. By now, Fuster’s visual arts catalogue and her complete poetry works have already been published. The Foundation also organizes exhibitions of Fuster’s artwork, showing her painting, engravings and poetry. It also performs various activities, such as poetry reading sessions and works in collaboration with other organizations and cultural institutions.

Who we are?

Felicia Fuster Foundation brings together people and friends from the artistic and literary world. The first board was formed by Sam Abrams, Nora Ancarola and Feliu Formosa, among others. Currently the Board consists on

Honour boss Jaume Avellan Aulet (r. i. p.) / President Enrica Mata Perales / Secretary Bibiana Diez Socias / Treasurer Lluïsa Julià Capdevila / Vocal Pilar Parcerisas Colomer